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report count (with pdf)
23587 reports
( Participation 457 Orgs )
report count
61920 reports
( compared to the privious fiscal year + 13367 reports )
( Participation 1584 Orgs )
site summary count
126565 reports
( compared to the privious fiscal year + 32375 reports )

Archaeological Site Report “Word Map”

Number of Archaeological Site Reports by Prefectures

In the process of creating the Word Map, if there are not enough archaeological site reports (PDF format) from individual prefectures, the Word Map is not created. This is due to the fact that we want to avoid results affected by the statistical bias. Therefore, the Word Map is only created if the archaeological site reports that are in the PDF format (Report Type a01from Comprehensive Database of architectural site) has more than 300 site. Bulletin articles and materials from field briefings, are not included in the number of site reports.

All 21416
Hokkaido Prefecture59 Ibaraki Prefecture746 Niigata Prefecture316 Gifu Prefecture197 Shiga Prefecture258 Tottori Prefecture325 Tokushima Prefecture113 Fukuoka Prefecture1350
Aomori Prefecture203 Tochigi Prefecture35 Toyama Prefecture842 Shizuoka Prefecture421 Kyoto Prefecture109 Shimane Prefecture1143 Kagawa Prefecture609 Saga Prefecture99
Iwate Prefecture484 Gumma Prefecture522 Ishikawa Prefecture79 Aichi Prefecture248 Osaka Prefecture1714 Okayama Prefecture546 Ehime Prefecture185 Nagasaki Prefecture276
Miyagi Prefecture1005 Saitama Prefecture237 Fukui Prefecture2 Mie Prefecture574 Hyogo Prefecture522 Hiroshima Prefecture83 Kochi Prefecture384 Kumamoto Prefecture294
Akita Prefecture584 Chiba Prefecture66 Yamanashi Prefecture973 Nara Prefecture610 Yamaguchi Prefecture15 Oita Prefecture52
Yamagata Prefecture676 Tokyo Metropolis2 Nagano Prefecture2557 Wakayama Prefecture89 Miyazaki Prefecture1194
Fukushima Prefecture0 Kanagawa Prefecture35 Kagoshima Prefecture436
Okinawa Prefecture147

Archaeological Site Report Word Map (A Charted Overview of Frequent key words)

The amount of archaeological terms used in the Comprehensive Database of National archaeological site has been collected and has been mapped out as a chart. By clicking the key term, you can find the exact term being used in the other reports with high precision. This new development allows the process of accessing the excavation exacts much easily for the user.

Colour-coded Types of the key terms
Pink: Terms related to artefacts, Yellow: Terms related to the archaeological remains, Light blue: Other
* Depending on the key terms chosen there could be a slight change in the chosen category.
Created at 2019-08-18